Patio Design and Construction

A patio is a beautiful and fully functional addition to your landscape.

 We can install custom patios Our patio installation process involves the initial consultation, getting your approval on the design, prepping your property for the installation, and installing the patio. We can build your patio with flagstone or any variety of concrete (poured, stamped, pavers, etc.).

During this time, our landscaping experts will meet with you to discuss what you want and need out of your new custom patio. Once we understand your needs and style preferences, we will design your patio and work with you to ensure you approve of the design. Next, we will prepare for the installation by grading your land as needed and marking where your patio will be installed. Then, we will start laying down the base materials to create the foundation of your patio. Finally, we will add paver edging to the perimeter of your new patio to complete the project. 

The most important thing to us is that we design and install something that you love and will enjoy using. During your consultation, our landscaping experts will collaborate with you to design a patio that meets your needs and style preferences. We can design and build a patio in any shape or size that works for you. If you already have hardscapes on your property, our team will draw inspiration from that and design a patio that will work with the existing aesthetic of your landscape.

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