Maintaining Your Residential / Commercial Property

Because we follow the Florida Best Management Practices to maintain the overall health and beauty of your lawn. Two major elements of lawn maintenance include proper height requirement and frequency. Our skilled professionals address these two essential elements as it pertain to your Melbourne Florida turf.

By recognizing these important elements, we’re able to keep your lawn healthy and lush all year long.

Every yard is different, and this requires each yard to have a specific maintenance program to ensure your yard lives up to its full potential. We will work closely with you so we can learn about the specific needs of your property to allow us to create a personalized care program just for your yard.

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Let Us Help You Maintain A Beautiful Landscape

We offer professional mulching for both residential and commercial properties. Mulching provides so many benefits, it helps water loss caused by evaporation, keeps those pesky weeds from sprouting, and it keeps the soil cooler when exposed to all the warm weather. All of these things are important to maintain a healthy landscape, but it also keeps them looking beautiful.

Lawn seeding is crucial in achieving a beautiful, thick, and green lawn that everyone strives for. Over-seeding over your pre-existing lawn can be very beneficial, not only does it make your lawn full and lush, but the thicker your lawn is, the less likely weeds will grow because the thick grass will naturally protect against weed problems.

Weeds are something that nobody wants, and there are so many factors that can cause them to grow and multiply and take over your lawn.

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